Unfamiliar Territory

Guys, the stuff I’m learning in 2016 is mind boggling.

First of all, starting this blog on WordPress has been so hard and so good for me. I have to do so much thinking, though. I mean, I think all of the time but this kind of feels like being back in school.

Except that I like this.

I did not like school.

I homeschool 4 kids so there’s a lot of thinking that goes on in my noggin. The kids know I get overexcited about history (hello, get us out of the Middle Ages! There’s just too much good stuff) and that science geeks me out even when I don’t all the way understand it. The world is an absolutely fascinating place and because I worked so hard ignoring that fact when I was attending school it’s all new an shiny to me.

Learning how to do something that is just for me has been really fun. I think it’s been good for my family, too. They see that my writing is very important to me, that my ideas and vision have given rise  to creativity that I had packed away for little bit. I think my writing helps them see me as more of a person and less of an automaton. 

I’ve had to really push myself with the tech-y side of things on WordPress. I’ve watched so many tutorials I should be an expert. There has been weeping and gnashing of the teeth. I figured out that I had entered my e-mail incorrectly on my hosting site and am still trying to get that resolved. I’m working on a newsletter and my vision for Brave Misfit. I have so many ideas that I think all of the time. I have an idea notebook and sticky pads and notes on my phone. It is so amazingly fun having ideas!

The really cool thing  is that when I write I know it is the thing I was meant to do. I’ve been telling stories since I was very young, and writing stories since 4th grade. Writing is how I discover hidden things about myself, the world, my people, and my God. It’s when I feel the most connected to the person God created me to be.

I am not saying I feel closest to God when I write. I don’t. When I garden or take walks or hikes, when I serve His people, that’ when I feel closest to him.

Writing, though, is a way for me to figure out things that I may brush away as unimportant.

I believe that everyone has one thing that allows them to connect to a deeper part of themselves, that opens a door to your soul.

It could be computers, piano, reading, pipe fitting, truck driving, taking pictures, cooking, cleaning, whatever it is is yours.

Whatever your thing is do it well and do it often. Make the time to do it because if it’s important to you then it is  important. 


I think that you should find yourself in unfamiliar territory with your one thing, too. It should never, ever be old hat. If you start getting comfortable it’s a sign that you need to push yourself to be uncomfortable. That’s where growth takes place and growth is an essential part of being human.

Maybe you’re in a slump and needed some encouragement to do your one thing. If so, heed my words: just start! Don’t worry about it not being good enough or right enough for the world. It’s YOUR thing, man.

Maybe you’re in the thick of it and just need someone to say, “Keep on keepin’ on, my friend!”   I say that to you now! Your thing is significant and soul-growing so you should carry on as long as you can.

Maybe you don’t think you have a thing that’s your one thing and to you I say: Close your eyes and remember your favorite things as a kid, maybe the thing you wanted to be but were afraid to tell anyone about. You start there and just go! Your childhood you will never lead you astray. Unless your one thing as a kid was jumping off of roofs. Don’t do that, please.

So, go Brave Misfits, go into Unfamiliar Territory and do your thing.

Nobody does it like you do, my friend.


4 thoughts on “Unfamiliar Territory

  1. Thanks, Kara! My “one thing” keeps getting lost in the craziness of “all the things on my to do list” and this is a great reminder to make time for my thing.

    • That happens easily, doesn’t it? To do lists are never more important than our one thing, but that’s sometimes easier said than done.Here’s hoping you get some miracle minutes in your day.

  2. Unfamiliar Territory can be scary for us all, but you make it sound a little less scary. Thanks for sharing and the amazing blog post, very inspirational and motivating! Your passion is the readers pleasure (-:

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