The First Post

Everything and Nothing
Everything and Nothing

The first one is generally the hardest one, that’s for sure.

I’ve really pushed myself on this little project. I think my eyes are bleeding. Trying to learn something new is hard, isn’t it?

I’ve waited for a really long time to start a new blog. I loved my old one so much but I was sporadic with my commitment. Over the last year it has just become a reminder of one more thing I meant to do…and didn’t.

So I just waited for the right time to start a new blog. I find I’ve been doing a lot of waiting in recent years. Waiting to lose the baby weight. Waiting to get my nose pierced. Waiting to put my laundry away or clean out that drawer or to call that friend. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

No more waiting. I’ve decided to embrace the fact that my love will never be calm (and do I really want that?). I’ve decided to allow myself to be contemplative even in my chaos. Apparently God thought I would thrive under these conditions because he certainly didn’t call me to be a nun.

What I’ve come to realize is that all of the moments in my life, the monumental and the mundane, are important, are divine.