Autumnal Thoughts

I’m one of those people who love autumn. I love the cool mornings and evenings, perfect for fire making and cozy sweaters. I love the warm days that invite us to drag books outside and spend time at the park. The musty smell of leaves, the wide array of colors, and squirrels rushing to store their cache of nuts…I adore all of it.


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall…”  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald 

I enjoy the dark mornings. Don’t hate me. I enjoy the early evenings. I know, it’s ridiculous. I love cold, rainy days where the leaves whip furiously around the sidewalks. I’m not right. I’ll admit it.



I think what I truly love about the fall, though, is the contrast. The beautiful blue sky with sun shining brilliantly juxtaposed against chilly wind. Or the other side; the gray, stormy clouds that come with this month blended with the collage of colors the leaves provide is a world on the verge of change.

Possibility is seen here, and I love that.


Autumn offers a world full of possibility.


I know that some people look around at the leaves who are giving their last shout in brilliant colors before they dull and fall to the ground. Some people feel that this time of year speaks of a decaying world, of death.

To me, though, this season speaks of things to come. It speaks of resurrection.

 This time of year  reminds me that everything changes. I know that we still have winter to get through (I like that, too!) but autumn reminds me that I’m not in charge. This season speaks the truth that there is a master plan and that even death has a purpose.

There would be no spring without a fall. If the leaves never fell from the trees, if they stayed always green, I would miss out on the wonder of the world coming to life again.


As a Christian, I have hope in death because I know that it is not the end. I know that however my life ends on this earth that what happens next will be more glorious than the most beautiful spring I’ve ever seen.

That knowledge gives me hope.

I don’t long for that next journey, mind you. I love it here. This world’s magnificence takes my breath and draws my wonder. I could never even imagine the artistry found in nature – the insects, the trees, the wildlife, the mountains, the rivers and creek beds – it’s all so much. Don’t even get me started on my people and my deep, deep feelings for them.

There are times, though, when fear of the unknown can overtake me. I can become melancholy and cold with worry; worry about my future, my husband’s future, my children’s future, my parents’ future, the world. I can give into the fear that it’s all going to end in some horrific, catastrophic event.

Or I can rest in the knowledge that I’m not in charge. That whatever happens in this world something marvelous is coming next.

This translates to everyday life worries, as well as apocalyptic thoughts. Being in a season of change, from weather to employment, to how you think about the world, can be scary. I think it’s most frightening when you think about all the possibilities. I say it all the time, but living in an imagined (possibly icky) future is not living.

Life is better lived in the now.


During this season take the time to savor the subtle changes in the leaves. Enjoy crunching leaves beneath your feet, as cliche as that may seem. Notice the way the night sky looks different, the clouds that give glimpses of what eternity could look like. Take the time to take in the beauty of the trees with no leaves to obscure the intricate details of their limbs. 

Take heart, and know that it will all come back around again because God never changes. 


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17



Be brave, misfits, and be where you are.



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