Being Uncomfortable

Some news in our world is that my brother Erik, who is developmentally disabled, is living in his own house. Well, a group home with one or two other guys like him that is staffed at all times. During the day he works. His life is full in a way I was never sure it would be. He’s 35 and for the first time he’s living away from my parents. It’s kind of a big …

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Raised by wolves

When my oldest three were little I held dance parties in the living room as way for them, and me,  to blow off steam. I would turn the music up loud and we’d dance and shout until we were panting for air. Sometimes we’d have freeze dance parties if we were bored with the regular kind. I would turn the volume down on the radio and the kids would have to hold whatever position for …

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Getting through

A lot of what has gotten me through the hard times is laughter. I really think that there is almost always something funny to be found. Call it dark humor, irony, whatever but acknowledge that there’s funny stuff even in the most difficult situations. Erma Bombeck totally got this. Two of my favorite Erma quotes ( but it’s sooooo hard to pick just two! Just read her books. Quote the whole book.) are:   There …

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Sometimes a fresh start doesn’t feel fresh

A year ago we walked out of one life and into another. We needed a fresh start. Four months into our fresh start things didn’t feel so fresh. Our fresh start felt more like a slap in the face with a cold, smelly, dead fish. We weren’t naive, though. We knew it would be hard. I just didn’t think it would be this kind of hard. What really stinks about life sometimes is that what is good …

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Empty Streets

The big selling point on moving to this neighborhood was ‘there will be lots of kids your age’. It’s the neighborhood I grew up in. There’s an elementary school, a church park, and a city park in this neighborhood. Kid central. When I was growing up there were kids all over. We played kickball in the street, we roamed the sidewalks until dark, and if we were doing something we shouldn’t the neighbors yelled at …

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This I Know

I remember when our first baby was born the teen years seemed like a faraway mission field. We figured when we were the parents of an 18 year old child things would have figured themselves out and that the parenting gig would be simple. NEWSFLASH: it gets harder as they get older. Parenting teenagers is not as physically strenuous as the years when you’re chasing crawlers and runners through the house, but it is much …

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You Don’t Even Know

“Ugh, I thought you were going to be normal!” my daughter said in the parking lot of Walgreens. “What?” I questioned, “I thought I was fine.” “No, you weren’t. You asked us if we could just stop shaving our armpits so you didn’t have to pay for the razors.” She did have a point. Those razors were $15 after the $5 off coupon. I share the bathroom with my husband’s (don’t tell him though)I can …

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It’s Only Monday

It’s only Monday and I’ve already done something smart, something stupid, and something silly. The smart thing I did was to organize my boys’ drawers. I’ve been trying to weed out the clothes they don’t wear or don’t fit so that that all they have are three pair of pants, six shirts and one ‘church’ outfit. Around here what constitutes nice clothing is clean, fits well, has no holes and no super heroes adorning the …

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When you think you know

This week we celebrated epiphany, partly because it also happens to be my oldest son’s birthday. I read the story of the wise men coming to find Jesus to my 6 year old boy. He was very annoyed with me because he’s ‘heard this story dozens of times’ and wanted me to re-read Jonah, his personal favorite.  Before you go thinking I may be raising a prophet I should tell you: it’s his favorite because …

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The First Post

Everything and Nothing
Everything and Nothing

The first one is generally the hardest one, that’s for sure.

I’ve really pushed myself on this little project. I think my eyes are bleeding. Trying to learn something new is hard, isn’t it?

I’ve waited for a really long time to start a new blog. I loved my old one so much but I was sporadic with my commitment. Over the last year it has just become a reminder of one more thing I meant to do…and didn’t.

So I just waited for the right time to start a new blog. I find I’ve been doing a lot of waiting in recent years. Waiting to lose the baby weight. Waiting to get my nose pierced. Waiting to put my laundry away or clean out that drawer or to call that friend. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

No more waiting. I’ve decided to embrace the fact that my love will never be calm (and do I really want that?). I’ve decided to allow myself to be contemplative even in my chaos. Apparently God thought I would thrive under these conditions because he certainly didn’t call me to be a nun.

What I’ve come to realize is that all of the moments in my life, the monumental and the mundane, are important, are divine.